Helen Fletcher

I am a founding member of this club and Chairperson. I also award CC’s for Belgian Shepherds in the breed ring. As you can see from my photograph, I only have 1 Belgian Shepherd left.

I have owned Belgians since 1983, my first being a Tervueren ‘Sublime Dreamer’ By Delators Famecourt Fumay out of Au Sorrel de Minka. ‘Flame’ was a fabulous character and show girl, an obedience winner from Novice to Test C she also qualified to work Championship Test C and a Best In Show winner in the breed ring.

My love is for the Groenendael, which I concentrated on, having two breed Champions who also worked, one ‘Joker’ “CH Out Of The Gloom” 21 CC’s in the breed ring and a winner in Obedience up to Test C and the other ‘Eden’ “Ch Belpetilon New Image” 6 CC’s and was a Grade 4 agility dog.

I was heart broken when I lost my ‘Eden’ my soul mate, a light went out in my heart. I have her son, my last Belgian, who is now 10 years old. I have other dogs but will I have another Belgian? Never say never is my motto.

June Le Fevre

I first saw a Belgian Shepherd Dog in 1989 and I immediately fell in love! Having researched the breed I finally realised my dream of owning one in 1993, a Groenendael called Kaizen. He introduced me to Agility and Obedience.

Then came my succession of three Tervuerens: Java, who introduced me to the breed ring, Reef who did a bit of everything and finally my current boy Spyder who competes in Agility and my first love Obedience.

Then once more into the “dark side” with my latest addition who is also my first Belgian girlie, my lovely Kanga. I am a founding member of the WBSDS and just love our breed

Paul Sensky

I started competing in agility back in 2000 with my Rough Collies and got more and more involved in agility to the point where it now provides my livelihood as a show processor and organiser of the Agility Nuts shows that run throughout the year.

Whilst I loved running our Roughs, I was keen to become a bit more competitive in the ring but was keen to stick with an ABC breed. We have had Belgians in the home since 2007 and I got my boy, Tiber in 2010. He has taken me places I would never have dreamt of, reaching Grade 7 in 2015 and taking us to the BSD World Championships in 2015 and 2016.

We currently have 4 Belgians and can't really imagine never having one in our lives.

Sue Cuddon

I have been on the WBSDS committee, as Treasurer, for over 10 years. I have had Belgians for 30 years, mainly Tervurens but also a couple of Groenendaels. My first dog was a collie-cross, and when I got interested in the showing side I looked for a “proper” dog and settled on Belgians. I have also been competing in agility for 30 years, working Grade 5 and have been to the BSD World Championships 3 times with 2 dogs. I have bred a few litters and I currently have Gimli (Colzeta Isen for Ered) and Mischief (Hawksflight Take It All to Ered), plus a collie, Bea.

Alison Brammer

My introduction to dog agility was through my son, Alan and our first Belgian Shepherd, Jasper (Delark Expresso). We met June when she was setting up the WBSDS and were very keen to become members.

Having accompanied Alan to shows and training, and to the World champs in 2009, I was bitten by the bug. My own Tervueren, Merlot (Delark Wolf Blass), took me from Grade 1 to Grade 5 and I now also have another Terueren, Quincy ( Fablehawk Heartbeat).

I joined the Committee of the WBSDS in 2012 and have been Editor for the Newsletter since then. I attended the BSD World Championships as a groom in 2009 and 2015.

Babs Sharp

I was introduced to WBSDS and my first Belgian on the same day. I was attending my first WBSDS agility show in 2013 when I met June, who was fostering my-now-malinois, Jazz. I had been obsessed with Belgians for a while and it was love at first sight! I compete in competitive obedience with Jazz, she has carried me from PreBeginners to currently working Class A. We have dabbled in tracking, working trials and agility but obedience is our main love.